What Is Botox?

Botox treats lines and wrinkles by weakening the muscles which create these. Botox works best on lines that appear with facial movements, but also can improve some lines and wrinkles present at rest. The result of Botox treatments is a refreshed, more dynamic look.

Dr. Samimi, Dr. Kohani and our nurses avoid a frozen and unnatural look by precisely injecting the affected areas. A gentle lift of the outside brow can be created with Botox in addition to treating forehead lines and crow’s feet. At Revivamed, the team also uses Botox to treat lip lines, neck bands, the jaw and chin.

The results last from 3-5 months.

All injections are performed by Dr. Samimi, Dr. Kohani or our nurses, while under close supervision by the M.D. These are performed in the comfortable and safe setting of our medical office. Other agents such as Xeomin are also available by request.

Excessive underarm sweating is also effectively treated by Botox. Treatment is simple an quickly done.
These results last for up to one year. RevivaMed often has specials on Botox treatments and rebates are available if you are enrolled in the
rewards program.

Preparing For Your Procedure

  • Avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs, and some herbal medications that can cause increased bleeding.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they can increase your risk for bleeding.
  • If you have a tendency to bruise, you can start taking Arnica prior to procedure.
  • You should also avoid wearing makeup and ensure that your face has been thoroughly cleaned

Before & After

Aftercare And Recovery

  • Treatment requires minimal downtime. You can return the majority of your activities immediately after your procedure.
  • Avoid exercising or anything that may cause excessive sweating for 48 hours, as this may interfere with your results.
  • Avoid sleeping on your side for at least 8 hours after injection.
  • If you have a bruise, arnica can help your body heal.