Breast Augmentation

A breast lift elevates the nipple and breast tissue and restores the youthful appearance of the breast. Also the size of the areola can be reduced.

Depending on the degree of ptosis, Dr. Samimi utilizes different techniques and incisions. A small degree of droop often can be corrected by placement of a breast implant.

Staying in good physical shape is important to most people living in Southern California, The climate, outdoors and beach allow you to be active year round. Even with exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle, breast droop cannot be prevented or corrected.

Why Do Breast Droop?

Pregnancy, weight loss and gravity cause breast droop. A breast lift (mastopexy) allows you to give your breasts the same youthful appearance as your body and match your personality and lifestyle.

Depending on the amount of breast droop you have, this can determine the type of incisions made to create the breast lift.

Some patients may be able to have just a periareolar mastopexy; this allows for an incision around the nipple. This creates a small amount of elevation and can often be combined with a breast implant.


Breast Lift recovery is approximately 4-6 weeks depending on if implants are used or not. Dressings and a surgical bra will be placed on you after surgery. You also may have drains which are used to collect excess blood and fluid postoperatively.

Before & After