Buttock Lift Surgery

Buttock Lift

What Is A Buttock Lift?

Buttock Lifts have become more popular over the last few years and there are a range of different procedures. Many women and men desire a better shape to their buttocks.

Fat injections can be used in conjunction with liposuction to reshape the buttocks and surrounding tissues. Dr. Samimi rarely uses buttock implants and prefers fat injections. This procedure often can be done in the office and uses very small incisions.

To remove a larger amount of loose skin, for example after weight loss, Dr. Samimi uses longer incisions and often redistributes the tissue to add more fullness to the desired areas. This procedure may be combined with a thigh or body lift.

The recovery very much depends on the extent of the procedure. Recovery after fat injections and liposuction is relatively quick. The more formal buttock lifts have a longer recovery.

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