Rhinoplasty or nose surgery can change the shape of the nose to improve appearance and enhance self-confidence. Dr. Samimi performs rhinoplasty for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Breathing difficulties can be treated and often Dr. Samimi also performs a septoplasty at the time of the rhinoplasty.

In a rhinoplasty both bones and cartilages are reshaped. This may narrow or straighten the nose, remove humps and reduce the length of the nose. The nasal tip is treated by reshaping

the cartilages of the nose. This can also be done as a separate procedure and is referred to as a tip rhinoplasty. Recovery is often dependent on the extent of the rhinoplasty. Pain is minimal with a tip rhinoplasty, but more significant with a full rhinoplasty.

Most commonly the inside of the nose is packed with an absorbable packing which lasts for about one week. Dr. Samimi also applies a splint to the outside of the nose which remains in place for about two weeks. It often takes up to a year for all the swelling to resolve and the final result to be seen.

During your consultation, Dr. Samimi will carefully evaluate the inside and outside of the nose to determine the correct surgery. He will also listen to your expectations to ensure that they can be met with the surgery. His goal is to create a subtle, yet noticeable improvement and not change your appearance.

Dr. Samimi, through previously working at the Southern Arizona Veterans Hospital, has acquired years of experience in reconstruction of the nose following skin cancers. His expertise includes reconstruction following near complete loss of the nose. His work was also featured in a nationally broadcast documentary about nasal reconstruction in a 5 year old boy with a giant nevus of the nose.You may watch this documentary below.